About Us

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe's largest society for applied research (67 institutes in Germany, 23.000 employees) and conducts applied research in collaboration with industry partners. Fraunhofer IZI (600 employees, 4 locations in Germany, 2 international locations) is focusing on applied research in biomedicine and conducts applied research projects in the four business areas "cell and gene therapies", "drugs", "diagnostics" and "biosystems technology".

McMaster University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (Fraunhofer IZI) established a joint project centre in Hamilton in 2014 to develop novel technologies for cell therapy and point-of-care diagnostics.

FPC-BEAM brings together expertise from both the Fraunhofer IZI (Europe’s Leader in Cell Therapy Manufacturing) and McMaster University (2017 Most Research Intensive University) to create a unique institute with a core focus on applied research. Leveraging McMaster’s research expertise and Fraunhofer’s proven ability to translate research to industry, FPC-BEAM will allow academic and industry partners to translate their ideas into commercially viable products.



Leanne Brown - Business Manager
Cathy Bottos - Admin Assistant
Tammy Feher - Accounts Assistant
Dr. Michael Evelegh - Business Development

Senior Scientists


Dr. Monsur Ali - Senior Scientist - Aptamer Selection
Dr. Marta Princz - Technician - Biomolecular
Dr. Mehdi Keramane - Technician - Printed Diagnostics
Dawn White - Technician - Bioassay development

Cell Therapy

Dr. Jana Burkhardt (PDF) - CAR cell therapy for glioblastoma
Agnieszka Kaszlikowska


Dr. Jessica Lorenz (PDF)

Supervisory Board

Robert L Baker (Co-Chair) - VP Research, McMaster University
Prof. Frank Emmrich (Co-Chair) - Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology
Thomas Dickert - International Business Development, Fraunhofer
Dr. Thomas Tradler - Head of Business Development and Patent Management Fraunhofer IZI
Lutz Zeitlmann - Research Coordination Life Sciences, Fraunhofer Headquarters
Jonathan Bramson - Associate Dean (Research) for Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University
Gianni Parise - Associate Dean (Research) for Faculty of Science, McMaster University
John Preston - Associate Dean (Research) for Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University


Canada Ontario Hamilton

Global Impact

Fraunhofer’s facilities and network in Europe will effectively broaden the global impact of BEAM by providing an avenue for delivery of BEAM products to the European market as well as help to attract European companies to Southern Ontario.